Stokke Recall Popular Baby Bouncer Due To Potential Hazard

Stokke is recalling all Stokke Steps Bouncers and Steps Newborn Sets as they pose a potential fall hazard for a child. Do you know anyone who has one?

Do you or someone you know have one of these baby bouncers?

The Competition and Consumer Protection Commission has issued a recall on all Stokke Steps Bouncers and Steps Newborn Sets this week as they pose a potential fall hazard for a child.

The bouncers are a part of Stokke Steps all-in-one modular seating system and can be used in combination with the Stokke Steps Chair from birth up to the age of about six months. However, those using it may be putting their child at risk.

The safety lock indicators are supposed to turn from red to green when the bouncer or newborn set are attached to the system high chair but in some cases, the safety indicators are turning green despite the bouncer not being properly attached to the high chair. 

Meaning if someone interacts with a child in the chair by leaning on it, it is potentially posing a fall hazard for the child. 

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Image Source: United States Consumer Product Safety Commission

In a statement released by the CCPC said: "Stokke AS is carrying out a voluntary recall of Steps Bouncer, Steps Newborn Set."

"Consumers who own both the Steps Bouncer or Steps Newborn Set and the Steps Chair set may experience the bouncer not attaching properly to the chair despite the locking indicator turning green."

"A person leaning on the bouncer while attached to the chair may cause the bouncer to detach from the chair and cause a potential fall hazard."

The recall issued over the weekend stated the recall affected over 300 units of the baby bouncer sold in the Republic of Ireland.

If you believe you have this product or know someone who does, the CCPC recommend you should stop using it immediately and contact the retailer you purchased it from. Alternatively, you can contact Stokke directly at 1800 948 232.

Following the recall, Stokke has issued an apology on their Facebook page.

It reads: "We sincerely apologise for any inconvenience this causes and would remind you that our products are approved to all relevant and prevailing safety standards."

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