Staffordshire Hotel Sets Up Special Zone For People Offended By Breastfeeding

A hotel in Staffordshire has set up a special "offended by breastfeeding zone" in their hotel so that mums may breastfeed without "disapproving looks."

I think we can all agree that we are all over the whole breastfeeding mum-shaming. A piece of advice that I would offer anyone who is offended by how a woman feeds their child is simply to mind your own business.

One aspect of breastfeeding in public that many people overlook is that it can be incredibly daunting. Most mums feel nervous, especially if it is there first time or it is their first baby to breastfeed. 

On August 1st (which was the first day of breastfeeding awareness week) a hotel in Staffordshire made a bold move. 

In order to support mums, they set up a designated area for those who are offended by breastfeeding.  

The sign outside this area reads:

“We know those looks you get from disapproving passers-by, the judgemental comments and unnecessary scoffs. That’s why we have created our all new ‘offended by breastfeeding zone’ specifically designed for others to take themselves away from the situation. Not you”

Thankfully, I have never gotten any negative comments through my three breastfeeding journeys, nor my one formula feeding journey. To think that somebody would comment on any mum who is feeding their baby is completely outrageous and there should be a no-tolerance policy in any business or restaurant. 

I for one think this a bold move for this hotel to make but a brave and strong message. If you are offended by a woman feeding her baby, then perhaps you should go somewhere else. 

Having a new baby is a vulnerable time for a woman. A time when things are changing, and some things have dramatically changed. Most mums are trying to find their feet and the very last thing they should be subjected to is judgement from a stranger. 

The managing director of the hotel said that nobody had actually used the area as of yet, but it was more of a statement the hotel was making against negative opinions on breastfeeding. 

“It really is only a simple gesture, but one we hope will make our guests feel comfortable when they visit.”

Laura Doyle

Mum of four, Gentle parent living on coffee and trying always to stay positive and motivate in the midst of the madness.

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