Entertaining Ideas For The Family This St. Patrick's Day

Lá le Padraig is finally here for its 2021 edition, so let's celebrate in a different way than usual.

We might not be able to wrap up warm and head out to our local parade this year, but we should make the most of the festivities all the same. So, get those shamrock sunglasses out, dress up in all of your green glory, and celebrate with some novel St. Patrick's Day ideas.

Make Your Own Parade

Who says that because there's no St. Patrick's Day parade this year that we can't make our own? If you and your family are devastated that we'll have to wait another year until we can see all of the impressive floats and costumes once again, then it's time to DIY. The garden will be the perfect location to set up a "spectator stand" as the marching band, vintage cars, and the elaborate circus performers dance on by the excited crowd. Use your imagination with the kids and get everyone dressed up - you never know who or what might make an appearance!

Put On Your Baking Hats

After you've all marched through the parade, whipping up a mouthwatering special for all the hungry mouths should be next on your list. For those looking for some sweet treats to eat on our national holiday, be sure to check out our fantastic new green-themed recipe from Jen O'Sullivanof The Pixie Box Bakery. She created an indulgent chocolate biscuit cake just for the day.

Bake with the Pixie - Patrick

Go Hunting For A Pot Of Gold

After you've munched on your St. Patrick's Day cakes, it's time to head back outside to try and find that pesky Leprechaun and his buried pot of gold. Creating a treasure hunt is the perfect activity for those who are looking to get their children outside a bit more - but if the weather begins to turn, then indoors is the next-best option. You could even make a story involving someone stealing your chocolate biscuit cakes - and everyone has to solve the clues to find the chocolatey goodness.

Get Virtual

Now, when we say there are LOADS of things to do online this St. Patrick's Day, we mean it. The St. Patrick's Day Festival has gone fully virtual this year with bucketloads of events, videos, and activities to tune into. There are virtual events taking place across the country, so check online to see if your local community or county have their own unique events taking place.

Chill With TV And Movies

If all else fails, at least we know everyone will love to watch a movie. On demand streamers are your best bet for something Irish and family-themed; there's Darby O'Gill and the Little People on Disney+, while Netflix has the new Spongebob Squarepants movie as Gaeilge. RTÉ One, RTÉ Two and TG4 also have a range of TV shows and movies to tune into over the whole day too.

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