All The Goss On The Grown-Up Kids From New 'SATC' Series 'And Just Like That...'

Excitement is at fever pitch for the new 'Sex And The City' series 'And Just Like That...'. And while of course, we’re all obsessing over the new outfits, I’m also looking forward to finding out how the kids in the show are faring.

Niall Cunningham has been cast as a grown-up Brady Hobbes, Lily Goldenblatt will be played by Cathy Ang and Alexa Swinton will take on the role of Rose Goldenblatt. While people are unfairly commenting on how old Sarah Jessica Parker and her co-stars are looking for 'And Just Like That..', I’m more shocked with how old the kids are. If I knew them personally, I’d be remarking, "Haven’t you got so big!"

Last time we saw them in the second 'SATC' movie, Rose was slap bang in the middle of the terrible twos and was testing Charlotte’s (Kristin Davis) patience. Lily had successfully pulled off being a beautiful flower girl at Stanford (Willie Garson) and Anthony’s (Mario Cantone) wedding but behind closed doors, also had her mother pulling her hair out; the red-painted handprints on Charlotte’s Valentino skirt were her stand out moment. And Brady’s big scene was when he won first prize at his school science fair for his mouse maze; after standing up to her rat of a boss, Miranda (Cynthia Nixon) was overjoyed to witness it first-hand.

While there are many moments in the film that aren’t remotely relatable for us parents (when was the last time you left your kids at home and drove around in your own limo in Abu Dhabi?), there are a few moments that are.

My favourite part of the film is the "take a sip" scene between Miranda and Charlotte. Miranda urges her friend to take the opportunity of being 6,700 miles away from home to get some things off her chest; notably how hard she’s finding motherhood. Charlotte reveals to Miranda that "Rose cries all day every day" and that it’s driving her crazy. She also admits to feeling "so guilty" because"‘all I ever prayed for was to have a family". I’m sure a lot of us can sympathise with her on those points and Miranda agrees with her: "Being a mother is hard!"

Fast forward to 2021 and they’re now navigating the tricky teenage years with a little help from their stylish parents. Although it’s not been confirmed, Rose looks like she’s a newly crowned teenager, Lily is in the midst of her golden age and Brady is now a fully-fledged adult. All hail King Hobbes!

Of course, this is going to mean new challenges for their respective families and I’m looking forward to seeing how Miranda handles Brady having a girlfriend (played by Cree Cicchino).

While Miranda and Charlotte were seen carefully sipping a cocktail while sympathising with each other about their youngsters, will they now be having a bottle of wine each while giving out about their teenagers?

We can’t wait to find out!

'And Just Like That...' will be available to watch via Sky Comedy or streaming service NOW from December 9.

Jennie Dennehy

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