Ryan ToysReview: Is It Setting False Expectations?

Ryan has over 18 million YouTube subscribers, not to mention his Facebook and Instagram following.

I have to admit I feel both admiration and pure and utter annoyance at this show.
Of all the real life, fly on the wall YouTube channels, Ryan ToysReview - for me anyway - is without a doubt the most annoying of them all!
Anyone who has watched it will probably work out which part, or more to the fact, who is the annoying part!

That said, the Nips - like every child in a certain age bracket - absolutely love this show like you wouldn’t believe.


First things first. What Ryan’s parents have achieved is nothing short of phenomenal, let’s be honest. Their first ever video on YouTube literally blew up. It ended up with over 47 million views. 47 MILLION!   

They have become so big that they’re now employing a whole team to help create, edit and produce their videos. As a small business owner, I love to hear that. Anyone who can create jobs from scratch and sustain them over a long period of time in my eyes is simply amazing.

Today, they’ve toys of their own in shops all around the world. They have a full clothing range on sale. Ryan has landed his own show on Nick Jr starting later this year. His younger twin sisters now have their own cartoon as well as his Aunty called ‘Princess T’.
The cartoon/toy version of Ryan is called Red Titan. And he now has his own video game on IOS and Android. It just keeps growing!

Here’s the clever part. They have created brand new animated teddies called Combo Panda and Gus The Gummy Gator - who in their own right have a pretty decent following too.

Every now and again, Ryan and his parents play these games along with Combo Panda/Gus on another channel of theirs called ‘VTubers’ as if they are guests on their show. Genius!

It really is an amazing set up that is literally raking in the cash minute by minute. That takes balls, guts and plenty of vision and I seriously admire them for that.

What about Ryan?

He is eight-years-old and a multi-millionaire. Read that sentence again if you wish.

He wants for absolutely nothing from a toy perspective (and although he’s probably too young to realise it yet, that includes fame and money too). 

He is so powerful now in terms of being an influencer, brands are no doubt tripping over themselves to send their new toy(s) to him for airtime. 

Now I’ve no proof of this obviously, but as a blogger, I know that collaboration and payment happens between brands and an influencer. It’s not a secret. In fact, and with the right influencer, it is a very effective marketing/advertising option for big brands. Personally, I see nothing wrong with utilising a platform that is effective for what you are selling.  

Ryan has over 18 million subscribers across the globe. That’s an obscene amount of followers and I’m only talking about his YouTube page here. What brand wouldn’t want to work with him...

So, here’s the question: What impression is this leaving on an eight-year-old? What about when he gets a bit older into his teens and 20’s? No crystal ball here but as a parent, I wonder will he just expect everything to be there for him if/when he wants it? What happens when it’s not? Someone popped the bubble. Welcome to the real world.

His parents have stated in interviews that all the cash they are earning now is being used to help fund his education in trusts bonds and the likes. They are not spending it on themselves. Fair Play. Not sure I’d have the same resolve if I’m brutally honest with you!

(BTW they are estimated to be worth a staggering $22 million net and rising)

Setting False Expectations:

I have absolutely lost count the number of times the Nips have asked me -
  • ‘Can we go there Dada?’ (after Ryan is at Disney World or Legoland, for example)
  • ‘I love that toy Daddy, can I have it?’
  • ‘Where is that Dad, can we go there now? Can we? Please, pretty please?’
  • ‘Can I have that for a treat Dad?’ 
After watching an episode of Ryan hoping on a plane jetting off somewhere deadly again my patience wears a bit thin.

Of course, I want my girls to have amazing things and fun holidays and I don’t want to let them down presents wise. But I am a parent in the real world who hasn’t made it to the top (yet!!!) and it just can’t financially happen. Explain that to a nearly seven-year-old and a three-and-a-half-year-old.

Sour Grapes?!
Absolutely not. If anything, it’s the opposite! - I’m trying to work out their secret!

That said, I’ve worked in a start-up culture for over five years prior to becoming a F/T SAHD in 2016. I know how hard it is to make it happen. I’m now at the start of that journey again with Booky Wooky and trust me, it’s tough! I would love some help from Ryan’s parents - so if you’re reading this please give me a shout...!
Sean and Loann have made this happen for them and their family and I have huge admiration for them and anyone who can create that traction. I would bite your hand off for it in the morning if it was offered.

That said, the parent inside me is asking - is it really the best place in which to place a young boy or girl? There are 100 percent pros and cons.

Can he play normally with his friends from school or his area? Without press intrusion? Is he looked upon differently by other kids or more importantly their parents? Not all parents want their children’s face on the internet you know?

As parents, we all want the best for our children. Ryan’s parents are no different I’d imagine. But we also want them to be happy and enjoy being a kiddo when they are exactly that, a young child with an imagination.

Technology clearly plays a huge part here (as I wrote about last month) but it’s probably on a par with child movie/tv stars of the 70/80/90’s etc and their life when you put it into relevant terms?

Or is it? Thoughts, comments and everything in between are more than welcome, boys and girls.

Thanks for reading. Check out www.thestentedpapa.com if you’d like more. If not, see you back here next month, over and out!

Written by Ross Good, SAHD of two girls and founder of The Stented Papaand Booky Wooky

Ross Good

Tales & Stories from a Stay-At-Home-Dad, his missus, our 2 beautiful girls, the dog & my 4 stents!

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