Rosie Connolly Raises Over €160k For Two Dublin Children's Hospitals

Irish Instagram influencer, Rosie Connolly, launched a brilliant giveaway to raise vital funds for Temple Street Children's Hospital and CMRF Crumlin.

Last night, Dublin mother and influencer, Rosie Connolly (known as @rosieconxxx on Instagram) posted a competition to win a Gucci bag on her Instagram feed.

In her own words, the competition was to say "thank you to two of Dublin's children's hospitals" for all of the incredible work that they do.

In her post, Rosie spoke about an experience she had while visiting CMRF Crumlin during the year. While there, she was overwhelmed by the strength of the parents and children in the hospital as well as the incredible work being done by the staff.

It inspired her to find a way to give back, and encourage her followers to do so as well.

Rosie launched a straightforward competition to win a Gucci bag. The rules are simple - click the link in her bio to donate a minimum of €5 to her GoFundMe campaign. Then, comment under the post to say you have done it.

She set the target at €5000 and donated €1000 herself to get the campaign off the ground.

Since then, the competition has raised a whopping €160k, which will be split evenly between Temple Street and Crumlin.

This is a fantastic example of someone using their influence for good and showing how, even at a time where Christmas is stressful and financially strenuous for many, people are willing to give back.

The competition doesn't close until the 21st of December, so if you haven't already - give what you can! Go to Rosie's post here to enter.


Sophie Gavin

Sophie is the Junior Content Executive at Family Friendly HQ.

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