Robert - The Internet Guy Who Will Restore Your Faith In Humanity

Ever since Jessica shared the photo, Robert has received nothing but praise for his act of kindness.

Sailor is blind and has two rare brain defects. He is unable to communicate his needs and can really struggle day-to-day, according to his mum, Jessica Nash Donnahoo.
Jessica also has a two-year-old daughter so life can get pretty hectic at times. On this particular day in question, Jessica and Sailor were not having an easy time of it.
But things took a turn for the better when Robert, a technician who was upgrading the family’s internet, called to the house.
Upon entering the house, the young technician started talking and Sailor instantly ran over to him and reached up, the mum-of-two explained in a post on Facebook. 
Without thinking, Robert lifted up the young boy and held him “on and off” for the entire 45 minutes he was in the house. Jessica took a photo of the pair and shared it to her Facebook page where she thanked Robert for being so kind, writing that the whole situation was a show of humanity at its very best.
"Robert could have walked in, rushed, and left but instead, he saw a need greater than the internet and met it. That’s beyond customer service - it’s humanity at its best."
Ever since Jessica shared the photo, Robert has received nothing but praise for his act of kindness, and he instantly restored our faith in humanity.
Being a parent can be incredibly tough, even more so when your child has special needs. It is exhausting and emotional, and a small act of kindness can really change your life.
And that is exactly what Robert does – in 45 minutes he has left a lasting impression on Jessica and her family. He went above and beyond his role to help and comfort a young boy in distress. In no time at all, he impacted so many lives.
Not surprisingly, the photo received an incredibly positive response, with many admitting that it made them tear up.
“I'm literally crying. What a wonderful person,” wrote one. 
Another said: “Omg this made me tear up. God bless this sweet man and this mama!!!!”
In her post, Jessica urged Spectrum Internet to give him a promotion or a raise, and we really hope he gets one!  
"Robert deserves a raise... a promotion... something! He’s an asset to your company and I will never forget his kindness."

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