Riverdance: The Animated Adventure Is Out Now - Here's How To Watch It

Are you looking for a new movie to watch with the whole family this weekend? We've found the perfect solution!

We all love a bit of Riverdance, and hey, we might all have thrown a few shapes to the dance phenomenon back in the day (and earned ourselves a few trophies as proof). So, it goes without saying, we're very excited about the prospect of watching Riverdance: The Animated Adventure with our young ones this weekend.

Brand new to Sky Cinema and streaming service NOW today is the animated feature film that us Irish will be flocking to watch in our dancing droves.

The story follows a boy named Keegan and a Spanish girl named Moya who journey into the mythical world of the legendary Megaloceros Giganteus (the extinct Irish Elk, so you know). Patrick, the Irish Elk, shows off his impressive Irish dance moves and teaches these two youngsters how Riverdance can be a celebration of life.

The film is bursting with some recognisable voices, such as Pierce Brosnan, Brendan Gleeson, Aisling Bea, John Kavanagh, and Pauline McLynn. Other non-Irish talent who feature in the movie include Lilly Singh and Jermaine Fowler.

Irish performer Lyra, who hails from Cork, also has a brand new single feature on the soundtrack of the animated feature. Bill Whelan, the Grammy Award-winning composer has also concocted the original score, which will no doubt have us all lepping about the place while we're watching (at least we'll be watching this one from home without any judgement from other cinema-goers!).

Expect plenty more Irish content, such as this one, from Sky in the future.

Riverdance: The Animated Adventure is available on Sky Cinema and streaming service NOW with a Sky Cinema subscription from today.

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