Parents, Throwing Cheese At Your Baby Is NOT Funny

I'm all for pranks around the home, in fact, myself and my partner trick each other and the kids daily too. However, there are limits and boundaries.

I'm all for pranks around the home, in fact, myself and my partner trick each other and the kids daily too. We've four kids with one on the way so we have to get our kicks somewhere. However, there are limits and boundaries.
I have frozen my kids' cereal, sewn their socks closed and given jelly with a straw instead of juice but now, like some sort of twisted joke, parents and older children have been taken part in a new social challenge where they film themselves throwing a sticky slice of cheese at unsuspecting babies.
Babies as young as one and, in some videos, younger can be seen being face palmed with a slice of processed cheese.
Now dubbed the #CheeseChallenge, more videos are popping up by the hour for this peculiar prank and, while some think it is funny, a majority of the babies are in complete shock. I wouldn't be surprised if they burst into tears just as filming cuts off.
One dad, who can be seen chucking a slice of soft cheese, has received a negative backlash since posting the video on his Facebook page. In just a few days, the video from Thursday has been viewed by over 37 million people.
Alongside the 8 second clip of his son who looks like he's about to burst out crying, Charles Amara wrote: "You asked for it, here it is! Attack of the cheese Episode 2."
"He wasn’t happy after this one..."
Parents are highlighting their disgust in the comments, with one woman saying: "Can't you see you are terrifying your baby? You are a sick person if you find this fun."
While another wrote: "If this is what you do and aren’t ashamed to have people see, it horrifies me to think what you do to this poor child in private!"
Since Amara's post, more and more video's of babies being cheesed are popping up across social media.
Babies barely walking and talking can be seen getting cheesed. 
Some babies haven't a clue what is going on. 
And some babies aren't even their own children. 
What are your thoughts on the so-called challenge? A bit of fun or completely and utterly ridiculous? 

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