Parents Defend Teacher Following 'Offensive' Note Home

A teacher in South Carolina has been thrown into the spotlight following a note she sent home to parents.  

A teacher in South Carolina has been thrown into the spotlight following a note she sent home to parents.  
Crystil Still from Greenwood School District 52 sent the note requesting costumes for their upcoming Easter event.
However, one particular sentence in relation to the colour of clothes caught the attention of many.
“Please use very light (white, tan or light grey only) clothes for the bunny,” Crystil wrote.
"We do not want any dark bunnies”.
Following a backlash in relation to the mention of "dark bunnies", an apology letter was sent out by superintendent Rex Ward, who told Yahoo Lifestyle that the wording could have been better.  
“Greenwood 52 School District admits that better wording could have been used and apologises to all the people it offended.
"The intent of the line was to discourage students from wearing dark clothing.
"In the previous and following lines, the teacher refers to the color of clothes the students need to wear for the performance.”
Many parents were left feeling a little offended by the mention of dark bunnies and said that an apology was only appropriate. 
"The original post was not well thought through by the teacher. Also, an apology should never contain the word 'if'," wrote one. 
Another said, "The apology was warranted. Cultural competence and awareness are necessary."

However, not everyone was put out by the note. And there were plenty of mums and dads who made a point of defending the teacher under Index Journal's Facebook post, saying they knew exactly what she meant.

“This is what’s wrong with the world today. People get easily offended for absolutely no reason,” wrote one. “Everyone who read this letter knew exactly what was meant. Get over yourselves. Or don’t come. It won’t hurt our feelings.”

Another wrote: "REALLY? Please tell me this whole thread is a Facebook hoax? Did someone REALLY get offended when they received/read this message? Rex should never have said it was ‘offensive’.. it wasn’t. I laughed to the point of a stomachache, tears, cheek cramps and almost having to pee..when it was shown to me! Thanks, Crystil for one of the best laughs of the year so far! I hope the program is a smashing success!

"This is ridiculous! Some people get offended for the dumbest things these days! I feel bad for the teacher having to apologise!"
What are your thoughts on the sentence?

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