Fun On Demand Releases For The Family This August

August is just around the corner, and with it comes some fabulous releases on demand.

Here are some of the best picks for on demand viewing for you and your family this August.

What If...? (Disney+)

There's bound to be a Marvel fanatic in your house - if you're not one yourself! The latest Disney+ creation from the Marvel Cinematic Universe arrives on August 11, and is an animated series that sees our famed superheroes continue their adventures a very different, alternative way.

Vivo (Netflix)

If your family has a soft spot for musicals, then you are all going to love Vivo. It follows the adventure of a music-loving kinkajou (a honey bear) who spends his days playing music to the crowds in a lively Havana square in Cuba when he must journey to Miami to fulfil his destiny and deliver a love song for an old friend. The movie arrives on Netflix on August 6.

Extinct (Sky & NOW)

A brand new Sky Cinema Original, Extinct is a hilarious adventure movie starring siblings Op and Ed. Both animals called flummels - which are cute, furry, and doughnut-shaped - they live on an island in the Galapagos in 1835 when they stumble upon a portal to another dimension. The family movie is available from August 20.

The Loud House Movie (Netflix)

One for all of the large families out there, The Lous House Movie follows the journey of Lincoln, the only boy in a family of 13 - yep, he's got 10 sisters. This family animation movie sees the Loud family embark on a trip to learn more about their Scottish ancestors, which reveals that this lonely boy in the family is about to step out of his sisters' shadows.

OBKI (Sky & NOW)

A brand new children's TV series if you have a Sky or NOW subscription, OBKI is a time-travelling alien who is on a mission to clean up our oceans. A brilliant way to teach the little ones about the environment and how we can be better, recycling humans, the series arrives on demand on August 2.

Cruella (Disney+)

In case you didn't venture out to the cinema to see it, or didn't pay to see it via Disney+'s Premiere Access, Cruella will be free to stream from August 27. The origin story of one of the most recognisable Disney villains is a seriously fun romp with a toe-tapping punk soundtrack.

Dragons: Rescue Riders (Sky & NOW)

From DreamWorks Animation Studios, who brought us How To Train Your Dragon, comes a new TV series that follows twins Dak and Layla who try to help dragons in trouble. The siblings were raised by the winged creatures and have a special ability that lets them communicate with them. The series will be available on demand from August 7.

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