Mum's hack for keeping her baby asleep is genius

Mum finds a genius way of keeping her baby asleep using this one household tool that you are bound to have in your kitchen.

We all know just how difficult it can be trying to get our baby to fall asleep, and how much harder it is to keep them asleep, especially when all they want is you!
However, one mum in Australia has come up with a genius way to ensure your little one stays asleep, giving your much-needed time to catch up on other things - like have a shower. 
Melissa Dykstra wanted to grab a shower and enjoy her coffee while her little girl was sleeping. 
But, as most mums know, babies tend to wake up the moment they realise you are gone, leaving you in a bit of a tricky situation!
However, Melissa was determined her little girl would not wake up and decided to use a very basic kitchen tool to keep her asleep.
Taking to Baby Hints and Tips Facebook group, the mum, who is from the Gold Coast, shared a photo of her baby with a yellow kitchen glove on her, which looks like it has air or some weight inside to mimic a human hand. 
Above the photo, she wrote: "Going on 20 minutes now and she hasn't realise. She will crack it when she wakes up but for now, I actually get to finish my coffee."
Not surprisingly, Melissa's tip has gone down a treat with many people thanking her for sharing it!
"Dude this is genius," wrote one.
Another siad: "I'll pop Marigolds on the shopping list!"
So simple but absolutely genius! 

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