Mum Receives Hilarious Letter From Son Demanding A Later Bedtime

This letter written by a little boy demanding a later bedtime from his mum has made our day.

It's fair to say that at the very least, most of us have had the bedtime argument before. A lot of the time these arguments can turn into slamming doors and unhappy kids but we know what's best for them. This little boy, however, took a much more calm and eloquent approach to the matter by writing a letter of complaint to his mum.

Dr. Alexandra Jellicoe, (@alexandrajellicoe on Twitter) shared a photo of this handwritten letter that she received from her eight-year-old son, Max.

She said in the tweet:

"I just received a letter of complaint from my 8 year old son 🤣"

She attached a photo of the letter which begins with

"Dear Mummy, I am complaining about my bedtime."

Max goes on to argue that as he is now eight years old, he needs "more independence."

But he doesn't expect his mum to just to take his word for it. Little Max did his research by checking the NHS website, telling his mum:

"I have checked the NHS website and 8 year olds need 10 hours and 15 minutes of sleep. This means I should go to bed at 9 o'clock."

He signs off the eloquent letter with:

"Lots of love, Max xxx"

Max's mum's tweet has since gone viral having so far received 319k likes and 40.8k retweets.

To make the story even better, the NHS official Twitter account replied to the tweet, saying:

"If it helps for future conversations, our sleeping advice also recommends that a child’s bedroom should be tidy and also screen-free zones (sorry Max)"

What do you think? Does Max deserve a later bedtime?

Sophie Gavin

Sophie is the Junior Content Executive at Family Friendly HQ.

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