Mum Accidently Eats Her Son's Poo While Changing His Nappy

A mother has taken to Reddit to share an incredibly hilarious nappy changing story, that while we absolutely feel for her, has left us in stitches.

A mother has taken to Reddit to share an incredibly hilarious nappy changing story, that while we absolutely feel for her, has left us in stitches. We all know parenting is incredibly tough – there are the sleepless nights, the crying and the poo. Yes, the poo.
And while dirty nappies are part and parcel of parenting, Reddit user Designerturtle’s story has left us both incredibly scarred and terrified of another nappy change and also absolutely delighted she shared her hilarious story.
In the post, the mum writes how she was rushing out the door when her son decided that would be a good time to dirty his nappy. As she was in a rush, the mum very quickly unbuckles her son from his car seat and races upstairs to change him. 
"I take the first wipe and clean off a mountain of poop, trying to get as much off as I can," she writes on the social media platform. 
"Now, the wipes we use don't separate very well when you pull them out. So when I'm in a rush and only have one hand free, I rip them apart with my teeth to separate them. I think you can see where this is going."
Continuing, she gets to the heart of the story, and this is where we suggest you brace yourself...
"In one hand I have the wipe drenched in poop, and in the other hand I have the two clean wipes stuck together that I just pulled out.," she writes. 
"In my rushed, panicked, sleep deprived state, I shove the shit-covered wipe in my mouth and bite down.
"Poop fills my mouth. I stood there for probably way too long because I couldn't even believe what I just did. I spit the wipe out and started cleaning my mouth out with the clean wipes.
"I moved my still-poopy baby to the crib for a second while I ran to the washroom to gag and rinse with all the mouthwash we own. When I came back to finish cleaning up, my baby looked at me and just gave the biggest, gummiest smile possible. He probably thought it was a fun game we were playing or something."

I just ate baby poop from r/Parenting

Not surprisingly, the post has gone down a treat with parents who related so much they shared their own disaster stories! 
"I've accidentally ate baby poop too," wrote one. "It tasted like clay. Somehow, a little nugget escaped my son's diaper and ended up on my plate of eggs and sausage.
"It looked like a fucking piece of sausage! Into my mouth it goes. Something is wrong. It dawns on me. I spit it out and brush my teeth a hundred times."
Another said: "I've been there. A couple weeks ago I put my little girl in a bath and tried a new kind of bath bomb (from Crayola- it changes the colour of the bath). There were all these little particles floating in the water that I thought were from the bath bomb (because they had been turned blue).
"My girl put a particle in her mouth and started crying. I, for some dumb reason, tried it too to see if it was that bad. That is when I realized that it was NOT from the bath bomb... they were poop particles. Floating everywhere. All over her and her bath toys."

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