This Mum's Tip For Protecting Carpets From Muddy Pram Wheels Is A Gamechanger

The mum shared her "genius" hack that protects her carpets from being ruined by muddy wheels, revealing that it only cost her £1.

There's no denying it. The days are getting darker, colder and rainier. If you're a parent with very young kids, this means one thing and one thing only - muddy pram wheels which wreak havoc on floors and carpets.

Coming in from the rain only to realize you've made a fresh new mud stain on your carpet can frustrate any parent. That's why this mum's buggy hack was hailed as "genius" by hundreds of parents after she posted it to Facebook recently.

According to, the woman shared the hack to Facebook group 'Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK'. She told parents that she simply puts cheap shower caps on the wheels of her buggy before she brings it inside, protecting her floors and carpets from any mud, rain and dirt that they may have collected.

Simple, but genius.

This Mum
Image source: Facebook / Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK

Next to her post, she wrote, “£1 shower caps bought from Poundland.

“Ideal for popping over your muddy wheels to catch the mud when it dries and flakes off.

“Saves your carpets and floors getting dirty.

“You can actually buy wheel covers for this purpose but this is definitely a money saving idea and works so well and you can keep reusing over and over again.”

Many parents were left in awe at the simple hack, leaving comments saying "wow, what a great idea," and "genius!"

What do you think? Will you be using this hack to save your muddy wheels from ruining the carpets?

Sophie Gavin

Sophie is the Junior Content Executive at Family Friendly HQ.

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