Movember Launches Free Online Parenting Program Aimed At Fathers

The world’s first online parenting program aimed at helping dads (and mums) to improve their parenting and their child’s behaviour has been launched in Ireland, by the men’s health charity Movember.

The Movember Family Man is an online course that we can avail of completely for free - here are all of the details you need.

The course is designed to equip parents of young children with the practical skills to manage challenging behaviour. With research showing that only a fifth of parents who take part in parenting programmes being men, now there's no excuse with a free course designed specifically for men in mind.

Movember’s free evidence-based online course only takes one hour to complete. The interactive programme is made up of three 20-minute animated episodes, with each episode featuring a father as the main character. The character is faced with challenging situations, and it's up to you to choose which way to respond to the child's behaviour is best.

Even though the father of the family is front and centre, anyone can take part in the Movember Family Man program. So whether you're a mother, a caregiver, grandparent or childminder, this course is for you.

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Movember Family Man has been vetted by a global panel of psychologists and parenting experts, and improvements in behaviour can be seen in as little as two weeks.    

Jack O’Connor, Country Director of Movember Ireland, said: "Being a parent isn’t easy at the best of times, but families have had it really tough over the last year. The pandemic has massively increased the pressure that parents are under. That causes friction at home which can affect everyone’s mental health.

"We know that when dads are closely involved in parenting decisions, everyone benefits. That’s why we wanted to develop a resource designed with fathers in mind that they can access any time from their phones and there is no cost involved, which removes some of those potential barriers."

To get involved with the Movember Family Man program, you can do so by visiting their website (here) to get started on the free course.

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