Mom Discovers Genius Parenting Hack Using Mayo To Remove Crayon

This simple household trick is a complete gamechanger.

We at FFHQ love a parenting hack just as much as the next person. But once in a while, you come across a trick that really blows the rest out of the water and you find yourself wondering how you ever survived without it. We're happy to say, this is one of those hacks.

We've all been there - you turn away for one minute and the next thing you know, the wall, the coffee table or the floor is covered in scribbles. And you just know that you'll be spending the next half an hour or so scrubbing relentlessly to try and remove the latest colourful creation your toddler decided would be the perfect way to brighten up the living room wall. Sigh.

However, this mom from Oregon has discovered a genius way to remove crayon scribbles. The best part is, the key ingredient is something that most if not all of us have sitting in our kitchen right now. Mayonnaise.

According to Yahoo News, Jessica Hard revealed that the oils in mayo are perfect for breaking down and removing crayon wax. Who would have thought?

According to Yahoo, Hard told Storyful that one day her son had scribbled all over the wall, and she started searching for ways to remove the stains. She heard that mayo would remove the stains and thought, “No way that would ever work. But you know? Let’s just give it a shot for laughs.”

The video shows the crayon, seemingly like magic, disappearing off the wall as the mayonnaise is rubbed over it. Watch and see for yourself! What do you think - will you be giving this trick a go?


Sophie Gavin

Sophie is the Junior Content Executive at Family Friendly HQ.

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