Kids Who Throw Tantrums Are More Likely To Be Rich

Temper tantrums are normal in young kids, especially in the toddler age group. 

Temper tantrums are normal in young kids, especially in the toddler age group.
For most, it’s a sign that they can’t communicate or don’t understand their emotions, and they tend to grow out of this behaviour as they get older.
But, as a parent who has had to deal with a few over the years, they’re not exactly pleasant, especially when they happen in public.
And some tantrums can go on for a long time – and no amount of bribing helps - which in itself is pretty frustrating.
However, it seems that they’re not actually all that bad, and, in fact, are a sign of better things to come!
That’s because, according to a study published in Development Psychology magazine, kids who have temper tantrums or defy your authority when they are young, are more likely to be rich and successful when they get older.
According to the European study, children who go against their parent’s authority as youngsters tend to do well in school, attend third level and secure a well-paying job.
So the next time your little one has an explosive tantrum in the middle of the shopping centre, just hold your breath
In a few years they’ll be paying for your cruise around the world.
Written by Mary Byrne, Content Executive at Family Friendly HQ. Follow her on Twitter: @marybyrne321

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