Katie Price Calls Peter Andre Selfish And A Hyprocrite

Opinion. Peter Andre was visibly furious last week after being confronted live on Good Morning Britain over comments made by his ex-wife, Katie Price.

Opinion piece by Laura Doyle. Peter Andre was visibly furious last week after being confronted live on Good Morning Britain over comments made by his ex-wife, Katie Price.
The 46-year-old's ex Katie appeared on GMB earlier this month and viciously blasted Peter for being 'selfish' and a 'hypocrite'. Her comments divided a lot of people with some on Team Katie and others on Team Peter. 
While Katie no doubt loves her children unconditionally, the reason behind the name calling and the way the dad-of-four handles his response is exactly why I am very much on Team Peter.    
Piers asked the mum-of-five about press rumours and how she was dealing with her complicated love life – asking if it was true she wanted to get back together with "husband number three," referring to her ex Kieran Hayler.

"I’ll tell you about my husband number one," Katie responded and started talking about Peter instead. They were married for four years and have two children, Princess and Junior, together.

"I’m doing my reality show at the moment and I’m really, actually cheesed off with Pete because – and I’m not asking you to comment because you can’t be biased – so when people are watching my show, they are going to think, 'where is Junior and Princess?'" she said. 
"He won’t allow me to film with them, he won’t allow me to do photoshoots with them and he’s being such a hypocrite. 
"Unfortunately these days you need both parents' permission, so I just want to put it out there that he’s been really selfish and the kids miss out on it, and I don’t know why he’s doing it."

During an interview soon after, Peter was reminded by Piers that his ex had been on and talked about him.

Wanting to appear oblivious, Peter said: "Did she?"
He was then forced to watch a clip of Katie slamming him for not allowing their children to be filmed as part of her upcoming reality TV show.

Peter raged: "Piers you should know that I wouldn't talk about these publicly. Piers, you know me."
The public blast from Katie divided a lot of people though, and I'm not really surprised when you listen to what each side has to say. 

Team Katie would argue that Katie and Pete met on a reality show, their lives together were very much in the public eye as are their lives to date. However, on the other side of that argument is that they have a very good idea of how that life is.

The stress and negativity that living in the public eye can bring, is no doubt something that they are both well aware of. And Pete quite clearly just wants to protect his children from that, which we have to admire him for.
He has said that if their children do decide they want to be in the public eye then they will cross that bridge when they come to it. 
As Pete’s wife Emily said in her column this week, her children with Peter would be given a choice about whether they will be in the public eye, but not yet. 
"When she’s (Amelia) old enough she can decide if she wants to go into that side of things," she wrote. 
"I’m not sure what age that is yet, but I’m sure it will become clear as they get older."
Explaining the reasons for asking Peter the question, Susanna rightly commented pointing out that it's only fair he should have the opportunity to reply to these claims that Katie has publicly made.

Peter reluctantly added: "It's a legal issue so it should never be talked about." 
I'm very much Team Peter on this one. He knows how hard it can be in the public eye and you can't help but respect him for wanting to protect his kids from the limelight for as long as possible.  

He was reserved when questioned and didn’t have a bad word to say about his ex-wife Katie, which most viewers respected.
Or do you think should Pete get with the times and recognise that his children with Katie are more likely to be in the public eye than his children with Emily and, therefore, should be approached differently when it comes to parenting them.

I would love to know your thoughts so please comment below and let us at Family Friendly HQ know!

Laura Doyle, Mum of 4. Kyle 9, Noa Belle 4, Briar 2 and Milla 12 months. Breastfeeder, co-sleeper, coffee drinker. Staying positive and inspired by the chaos of it all. Follow her on Instagram.

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