Jimmy Fallon's Kids Cause Chaos As He Tries To Work From Home

Jimmy Fallon filmed a new "at-home" version of The Tonight Show with special guest Lin Manuel Miranda, while his kids literally climbed on top of him. The cuteness.

So, working from home with kids is no easy feat. We've learned that by now. However, it is slightly comforting knowing that you're not alone as you try to work with a five-year-old whose hungry every five minutes and who is shocked and appalled that you need to video call your manager instead of playing with them. At all times.

And it even affects celebrities. With his wife as "cameraman" and his daughters on "music", Jimmy Fallon attempted to film an at-home version of The Tonight Show.

Jimmy enters through a slide (that's right, an actual slide) while his daughters play on the pots and pans, holding up a hand-written sign that reads "The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon".

Following the show's structure, Jimmy then introduces the show and attempts to read a monologue from an a4 sheet while his daughter literally climbs on top of him. The chaos that ensues in the episode is something a lot of parents can relate to - screaming kids, pots banging, but above all, laughter and fun.

Jimmy reads: "Welcome to The Tonight Show: At Home Edition. Well, guys, we are on day 83 of the quarantine." This is met with his wife shouting "Six!" back at him, to which he then replies "Six? Wow. Ok well, day six of our quarantine. It just feels like 83 - when you're having fun!"

Jimmy then interviews special guest Lin Manuel Miranda through Zoom, another father at home with two kids. The episode was raising money for 'Broadway Cares', supporting theatre workers who are out of work due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

It's heartwarming to see celebrities take social distancing seriously and put their family first while also having some laughs along the way as they attempt to work from home.

Turns out they're just like us after all. Who knew?

Sophie Gavin

Sophie is the Junior Content Executive at Family Friendly HQ.

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