Irish Non-Profit Provides Homeless Women Free Sanitary Products

A non-profit organisation have hit the headlines in recent months for their stellar work helping women in need during their menstrual cycles.

Operated solely on a volunteer basis, Homeless Period Ireland believe all women should have access to period products and rightly so, sanitary products are a necessity not a luxury. 

Period poverty simply means not being able to access sanitary products needed during a menstrual cycle such as tampons, pads, reusable silicone cups and even pain relief medication to help those who suffer from period cramps. 

A sad reality but true, women and teenagers across Ireland who are faced with poverty and homelessness are unable to access and afford sanitary products with inadequate protection forcing them to use makeshift pads using tissue paper, socks and even towels in some cases. 

Now however, in a bid to put an end to period poverty, Homeless Period Ireland distributes donations they receive to homeless charities across the country including people living in Direct Provision and refuge centres. 

Last year, the Scottish government announced they would be providing free sanitary products to girls in schools and colleges with the aim of abolishing period poverty - making it the first country in the world to do so.

And while we aren't there just yet, there have been some changes helping to break down the stigma around periods and restoring dignity to women in need in Ireland. 

Irish Non-Profit Provides Homeless Women Free Sanitary Products

In March, South Dublin County Council launched a new initiative in conjunction with Homeless Period Ireland providing free sanitary products to anyone who may be unable to afford them in the catchment area.

On International Women's Day last, South Dublin County Council joined forces with Homeless Period Ireland to supply free sanitary products in County Hall Tallaght and Clondalkin Civic Offices. The female sanitary products are available to all in the publically accessible toilets when needed. 

Helping women in need during their menstrual cycles, Homeless Period Ireland has over thirty drop-off points across the country including Bella Baby stores, Waxperts, The Hair Gallery in Castlebar, Tropical Popical and various student unions such as Trinity College, Maynooth University and Institute of Technology Carlow. 

In Ireland we need to end the stigma around periods, to normalise conversations about menstruation and period products and to help those in need trying to access safe sanitary products.

If you want to be part of the change ask your school, college or workplaces to provide free period products like pads, tampons and menstrual cups in the toilets so those in need can assess them freely or make a donation to Homeless Period Ireland who will then distribute donations to various charities across Ireland. 

For a full list of drop off points check out Homeless Period Ireland on Facebook


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