Ireland's Favourite Sandwich Has Been Revealed On World Sandwich Day

You better bread-lieve it - our nation is still a huge fan of the auld slice pan.

Today, on World Sandwich Day, the Irish Bread Bakers Association (IBBA) has revealed their extensive research into our nation's eating habits, along with Ireland's favourite sandwich choice. Can you guess which one is a staple of the country?

After quite a change of pace for all of us this year, we've always had that reliable friend of ours to keep us sane - a cracking good sandwich. And due to everything COVID-related in recent memory, the typical two slices of bread is still a firm favourite here in Ireland.

According to research by the IBBA, sandwiches have provided a comfort to us this year when we needed it the most. 97% of us still regularly choose to have a sandwich, with 45% of us seeing the meal as our "go-to" comfort food.

So, what is Ireland's favourite sandwich we hear you ask? It shouldn't come as too much of a surprise... The tried and tested ham and cheese toastie came out on top. Runner up was a chicken or turkey sandwich with stuffing.

The research also revealed that almost three-quarters of those surveyed like to get all their ingredients ready ahead of time. While two-thirds of us ensure that they always have ingredients at home to make their favourite sandwich.

So why has the typical sandwich remained such an important part of our busy schedules? According to psychologist Niamh Hannan: "People reach for their favourite sandwich, and they might add a new ingredient to bring a little excitement to the day. But, as the IBBA research shows, people don't stray far and mostly go for what they know and love.

"Also during COVID many people have been highly stressed. Making a sandwich doesn't require too much thought. It’s a break from the pressure - something safe, routine and reliable amidst all the change and unpredictability. This can be a helpful coping mechanism," she added.

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