See The Heartwarming Story Of A Dog Lost In The Wicklow Mountains Be Reunited With Her Owners

Losing a family pet can be heartbreaking. What can make it especially sad is if your pet becomes lost, as you will always wonder what happened to them. It's a topic that we've all probably dealt with at one time or another, unfortunately.

However, one story that we've spotted today has warmed us right up on this snowy Monday in February. It involves a dog lost in the Wicklow mountains - and there's a very happy ending to it.

As you can see in the video below, a couple who went hiking in Wicklow at the weekend stumbled upon a new friend who was in desperate need of some help. The dog, named Naoise, was apparently lost up the mountain for no less than two weeks.

Jean Francois Bonnet and Ciara Nolan, both doctors, uploaded a video to TikTok of their hike on the Lugnaquilla mountain trail on Saturday. The hikers spotted the doggie, who they said was so weak and cold that she couldn't even move.

The good souls wrapped up their new friend and carried her the 10km down the mountain. They then brought her home, heated her up, gave her food, and contacted animal rescue in order to find her owners.

The owners look over the moon as they are reunited with their lost family pet. They had been looking for Naoise for two weeks, which must have been a very stressful time for both dog and family.

We love a happy ending, and this is just the tonic we needed to see today.

Here's the heartwarming video for you to see.

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