I'm A Celeb Winner Giovanna Fletcher Opens Up About Her Miscarriage

The newest reality TV winner has come out in support of Meghan Markle, speaking openly about suffering a miscarriage eight years ago.

This weekend saw the climax of I'm A Celebrity 2020 take over our television screens, with Giovanna Fletcher being crowned Queen of the Castle. The author and podcast host managed to beat her campmates, BBC radio DJ Jordan North and host Vernon Kay who claimed second and third places.

And after her whirlwind weekend, and after spending three weeks in Wales, the mother to three young boys has opened up about one particular trauma from her past which she believes needs to be spoken of more often.

First addressing Meghan Markle's recent miscarriage news, Giovanna told The Sun: "It's amazing to hear that Meghan has spoken about it, I’d love to interview her on the podcast.

"I think it's so important that people are open about miscarriages, every time someone brings this topic of conversation up it helps so many people, because it's such a lonely thing to go through and hearing other people express themselves when you can't find the words to help people understand what you're going through is so important.

"I think it's so admirable and amazing for her to share what is a really raw and upsetting thing to go through."

Giovanna Fletcher then spoke of her own miscarriage. Unfortunately, she suffered one when she was at just six weeks in 2012. She explains: "I had a miscarriage before Buzz and it took me years to be able to talk about it, but once you do it's hugely comforting to know that you're not alone.

"Miscarriage is still common and it's amazing that people don't feel like they can tell people that they are pregnant until 12 weeks because they don't know what might happen."

The author then spoke of how important it is for the stigma of talking about miscarriages to fade away. She continued: "When a miscarriage happens you need the people in your life to be there for you and you don't need to feel ashamed or like you've done anything wrong, you need the people in your life to be able to give you the support.

"I don't feel like people should be scared of saying anything just in case, because if the just in case happens you need those people."

Giovanna is mother to three boys, Buzz aged six, Buddy aged four, and Max aged two. She is married to McFly singer Tom Fletcher.

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