"Eco Jargon" Confuses Over Three-Quarters Of Irish Parents With Young Children

According to a recent survey conducted by Irish company WaterWipes, many parents face increasing confusion while trying to shop sustainably.

We all want to be more economical these days. If not to make an impact on our own lives, but at least it can benefit the planet our little ones will someday inherit. However, we can sometimes feel the pressure of wanting to shop economically - but not really knowing which supermarket products are best.

A survey of Irish parents to children under five-years-old by the world's purest baby wipes reveals just this. According to the results, over three-quarters (81%) of those doing the weekly shop find the labelling on baby products misleading or confusing.

The word "biodegradable" was also the one eco-word that parents didn't understand the meaning of, while 31% of those surveyed felt judged or pressured by other parents to buy eco-conscious products.

In light of this, WaterWipes has launched an "Eco Jargon Dictionary" on their website which will help ease any unnecessary confusion you may have next time you do your weekly shop.

It's all part of their brand new 100% biodegradable baby wipes. Like all of their other wipes before, these are made up of 99% water, but they are now also plant-based and compostable too.

Irish actor, model, and mum of three Rosanna Davison-Quirke has teamed up with WaterWipes to promote their new biodegradable baby wipes. She wrote on her Instagram about this new product: "I must admit that I also sometimes get confused when buying baby care products, but WaterWipes are here to help tackle the eco terminology."

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