Gobble Gobble! This Dublin Butcher Has Launched His Own Dedicated Christmas Turkey Hotline

Perfect for those of us in desperate need of some expert advice with their cooking this Christmas.

2020 has been one big stress ball of a year, right? And now that Christmas is rounding the corner, and some of us potentially not being able to return home for the annual feast, we're going to need some extra help with the dinner on December 25. With all that in mind, allow us to present to you... The turkey hotline!

Thankfully, the Dublin Meat Company has a service you're going to want to check out. Veteran butcher Paddy O'Leary has launched a turkey hotline where he will answer all of your cooking queries via phone.  

Following the launch of their next day delivery in the Dublin area, the butcher is taking orders online. But for those who don't have access, you can get in touch with them over the phone too.

Dublin Meat Company is a local, family-run business, and with Paddy's help, there won't be a dry turkey in the county this festive season.

Earlier this year, the butcher donated nearly ten thousand meals to frontline workers from its own pocket. They also ensured that cocooning members of the public throughout Dublin were sorted with same-day delivery. 

So, if you think you'll be in expert advice for your bird this Christmas, be sure to get in touch with Paddy via his turkey hotline. And remember to order early to avoid disappointment, as the deadline for Christmas orders is Saturday, December 19.

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