Couple in court over unusual baby name

A French couple was reported to police following them naming their baby girl

Wait, what?
A French couple was reported to police after naming their daughter Liam. 
The couple, from Brittany, France, was reported to police after submitting the name for their girl after her birth last November. 
The objection comes from the fact 'Liam' is typically a male name, and as such "would be likely to create a risk of gender confusion," and "therefore contrary to the interest of the child and could harm her in her social relations" (according to the public prosecutor!). 
The prosecutor also said if the couple weren't able to pick a suitable name themselves, then the judge should take the matter into his own hands. WOW!
Would Blake Lively be able to call her daughter James if she lived in France? And what would the French make of North/Saint/Chicago West?
Naming babies is more black and white in France, with the tendency for names to fall clearly into a 'boy' or 'girl' box. Even names that sound the same have masculine and feminine versions, such as Adrian and Adrienne, or Lucian and Lucienne. 
So what will happen to baby Liam's name? The matter has been adjourned with a date for a final hearing to be advised. 
What are your thoughts on unusual baby names? 


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