Coolest shoelace tying trick ever

See why this five-year-old's video has had over 7.2 million views!

If you have tried and failed to teach your little one to tie their laces then this video is for you.
Mum, Ashley Lillard videoed her five-year-old son tying his laces with a little trick that involves putting the laces into the shoelace hold to secure them while he makes the bunny loops.
It’s a big achievement for such a little boy who previously was unable to do them. And he even managed to make a double knot..what a little legend.
Ashley shared the clip on Facebook page ‘Loves what matters’ and it has been viewed millions of times already.
Captioning the video, Ashley described it as the "coolest shoe tying trick ever", a description that the video certainly lives up to. 
Take a look and maybe share with your kids if they're struggling with learning how to tie their laces.  
Such a cute and polite young boy.  


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