Vote For Your Favourite Christmas Film

On the 8th of December, we're hosting a very special Christmas screening in partnership with ODEON, and we want to hear what you want to see!

It's safe to say that most people have a favourite Christmas film. It could be one you watched every year with your family, or maybe one that always makes you laugh out loud, no matter what mood you're in.

We think that going to the cinema adds to the magic of watching a Christmas film. There is nothing quite like snuggling up with the kids to watch a Christmas movie on the big screen, creating new family memories and traditions which can be repeated year after year.

This Christmas, you and your family can escape to ODEON for a magical Christmas screening and we want to hear what you want to see!

Whether the Grinch makes you cry, Elf makes you laugh or Home Alone brings back those warm fuzzy Christmas feels, we want to know.

Vote for your favourite Christmas film in the form below, and it will be screened in ODEON Charlestown at 11 am on the 8th of December.

Sophie Gavin

Sophie is the Junior Content Executive at Family Friendly HQ.

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