Post Your Selfie To Social Media For Virtual Breastfeeding Week

The awareness campaign will be running this weekend in order to celebrate beautiful everyday breastfeeding moments.

The first-ever Irish "Brelfie Day" will be taking place on social media this Saturday, October 3. Irish women across the country are being encouraged to post their unique breastfeeding selfies by an organisation named Friends of Breastfeeding.

The organisation works to foster a positive breastfeeding culture in Ireland, as mums record, share and celebrate their beautiful and individual everyday breastfeeding moments. The aim of the campaign is to help raise awareness about breastfeeding support options for mums across the country. 

This special day comes during the Virtual Breastfeeding Week, which is currently running from October 1 to 7.

Mums who are interested in taking part in "Breflie Day" 2020 are encouraged to take to their social media accounts this Saturday, October 3, and have fun with their one-of-a-kind moment. And don't forget to use the hashtag #brelfie2020.  

Jennifer Phillips, Chairperson of Friends of Breastfeeding, said of the diverse amount of "brelfies" that she is looking forward to seeing: "There’ll be newborn 'look at that contented face' brelfies; ouchie soothing brelfies; alfresco forest and beach brelfies; as well as dressed up 'who’d have thought I could feed in this' brelfies; alongside dirty hair and stained PJs brelfies. All beautiful. All normal. All celebrated."

To find out more about Friends of Breastfeeding, you can visit their website (here) or by calling Marita on 083 892 8281.

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