Brave Woman Shares Picture Of An Often Missed Sign of Breast Cancer

Ladies, please go and check yourselves, this might save a life

A mother of two has shared a picture of her breast to raise awareness of a commonly missed sign of breast cancer.
Claire Warner, had no lump and felt in good health when she discovered she had cancer.
She had read an article on the Daily Mail Online, where a woman revealed a barely noticeable dimple on her breast turned out to be a symptom of cancer.
Spotting one on her own breast, she went to a doctor straight away who told her that she had early stage cancer.
Claire is now having treatment but also shared the image of her barely visible dimple to urge other women about the commonly missed symptom. She bravely posted her picture with a post to warn other women and it's gone viral.
Her post continued:
'Blink and you’d miss it. I only spotted it thanks to another post shared by an amazing friend.' 
She added: 'I can't feel the lump, even now that I know it's there. I'm not ill. My only symptom is this dimple.'
Claire, who is based in the UK, said she hopes she is 'one of the lucky ones'.
'I've caught it exceptionally early (only thanks to someone else sharing a similar post),' Claire wrote. 
Claire spotted her dimple after reading a Daily Mail Online articleabout another woman with breast cancer, Lisa Royle. 
Mother-of-four Lisa, from Manchester, posted the picture of her dimple on her Facebook page in May 2015.
The photo, like Claire's, went viral.  
With the image, she urged women to check their own breasts for the easy-to-miss symptom. 
Fortunately it was in the early stages, and she had a mastectomy.
Thankfully Lisa, 43, told Facebook friends her mammogram came up cancer-free.
She wrote: 'Just got my first mammogram results and it was all clear!! 
'Thought it would be but after last year I'll never take it for granted. Celebrating with a vino.'
We wish the same for Claire. 
Please go and check yourself ladies, and share with others. This might save a life x

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