Boy, 11, Writes Powerful Letter About Living With Autism

11-year-old Joseph was diagnosed with autism at the age of five.

He penned a letter to Anne Hegerty after she opened up about being diagnosed with Asperger's while she was in the Jungle for I'm A Celeb in 2018.
In a letter to The Governess, the young boy, from Lancashire, wrote that he hoped he would have a “cool job” like her when he is older.
In the letter, which was shared on Twitter by the youngster’s mum, Kate Jarvis, Joseph writes:
"To Anne,
"My name is Joseph Hughes and I am 11. I live in Preston, Lancashire and I go to a specialist school. I was diagnosed with autism when I was five.
"I like to watch you on The Chase and now I have been watching you in the jungle. I think you are very brave for going in the jungle, I couldn't go there because there are too many bugs. You are very clever.
"Sometimes people are mean to me because I am autistic, but watching you makes me see that other people can have autism too and maybe I can have a cool job like you when I am older.
"Do you like Thunderbirds? I love them, my favourite is Thunderbird 2. I have drawn you a picture, I hope you like it.
"Good luck in the jungle. I hope you win."
Kate’s post has been retweeted nearly 2,000 times with many people praising young Joseph for writing the letter.
"What a little darling. Please tell Joseph that bullies are just jealous because he is different. Sending him a big hug. I’m afraid I’m team Nick but Anne is my number two to win," wrote one.
Another said: "I do hope she manages to stay. There are so many different kinds of autism and I think a lot of awareness will be raised through Anne."

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