According To Research, Only 29% Of Us Actually Baked Banana Bread During Lockdown

Now, who's been telling a few fibs? New research shows that no, we weren't all whipping up a quarantine cake or two during the previous lockdown in Ireland.

This month, Currys PC World commissioned a survey to find out what appliances people couldn’t live without during lockdown, and the research reveals that banana bread was the last thing on some of our minds.

Although only 29% of us ended up baking banana bread, the rest of us who baked preferred anything else. 74% said that they attempted some sort of baking, with 34% of people claiming to have created their own showstoppers, and baking their own bread.

Coffee lovers were in their element during Lockdown too, with 65% of people saying a coffee machine was their preferred kitchen appliance. A majority of people surveyed said they drank between 2-4 cups per day.

Interestingly, those taking part in the survey were also asked who their favourite dinner guests would be - and there are some cracking invites here. Uachtaráin na hEireann, Michael D Higgins and his furry friend Bród were the clear favourites with 32.7% of people choosing them as their number one choice.

Amy Huberman came in second place with 22.4%, while Dustin the Turkey and Ireland’s lockdown adopted son Matt Damon came joint third with 10.28%. Now that would make for one fascinating dinner party.

So, if you've been baking banana bread like there's no tomorrow - you're actually in the minority. And let's face it, we're all a bit sick of the sweet cake by now. So why not mix it up and follow some of our lovely recipes that might wow your fellow quarantine-ers.

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