Real struggles of a neat freak mammy!

I hate to admit it but I have a very real problem and it causes me a huge amount of upset…

I hate to admit it but I have a very real problem and it causes me a huge amount of upset….
My name is Emma and I am a neat freak and quite possibly OCD. I am not proud of my predicament and I had plans to be the messy and chilled out mammy but it never transpired and now here I am… A mammy in the middle of a perfectly clean house with grumpy kids and an even grumpier husband!
It is a constant struggle and I hope I am not alone in this?
Here are some of the struggles I face daily and while I am not looking for sympathy (it is entirely my fault) I hope I find people who share my problem.
  • The kids don’t use coasters-ever! – I have told them and the coffee table has ample number of coasters perfectly placed in the corners of the table but do they use them? No…no they bloody don’t!
  • They will re-wear dirty clothes- Just because it is your favourite top does not mean you can wear it day after day yet my kids will try if allowed. I physically must go into their room and secretly take the offending item away much to their distress!
  • They kick cushions on the floor- Cushions are meant to be on the sofa and chairs but the kids don’t see the point in them! They get in the way the kids say so they throw them onto the floor which is fine but not when the dog decides to plant his furry a%*e on it! Fluff all over the place!
  • They dry their hands and throw the towel down- I know I should be grateful that they wash their hands after using the toilet but they are unable to fold the towel back on to the rail. It usually lands on the floor along with the bathroom mats that are spread across the floor.
  • Their rooms? Oh, feck they are an utter state- The little ones aren’t too bad, she plays and she makes a mess but she will usually tidy it up once I get mad! However, the teen of the house doesn’t give a flying f&*k if I get mad in fact she enjoys it. The way she sees it, the room is hers and she should be able to keep in any way she sees fit; It is her personal space after all. Don’t you love how they get all smart and downright annoying at that age?!
  • The pets? What pets? – We have lots of pets and even though the kids begged for these poor animals they do not consider it their job to take care of them. The rabbits must be cleaned but muggins here is doing it! As for the dogs and cats why would they need water? Or to be walked? Or to be washed? And when the said animal gets ill it is up to me to pay the vets bill!
  • If it wasn’t for my problem I could leave it all there, walk away and have more free time reading and writing but I cannot. I struggle to get it all done and I am angry at myself for that. It really is a problem as a clean house shouldn’t matter ever but it does for me! GRRR...
Written by Emma Hayes, staff writer with Family Friendly HQ


Emma Hayes

Emma Hayes is a busy mum to two girls aged 17 and 11 and is married to her childhood sweetheart.

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