Moving to a new house? Making it as easy as it can be for your family.

Relocating to a new area is a stressful time but for a parent it can be even worse.

Relocating to a new area is a stressful time but for a parent it can be even worse. Not only do you have to consider your own feelings and anxiety (on the move) but also those of your children’s. Depending on their age the idea of leaving their current home can be daunting. There are a few things you can do to make the transfer as easy as possible for not only your children but for you too.
  • Tell your kids at a good time- Telling your children you are about to leave their home is an unnerving experience and one that should be told when everyone is the most relaxed. After dinner is usually considered to be the best period, leaving enough time for them to mull it over before bed. It is advised you do not tell them first thing in the morning and send them off to school while carrying the load with them. Leave plenty of time for questions and have a map on hand to show them where they are moving too, if you have a house in mind show them pictures and tell them everything about the area.
  • Prepare your kids- If your kids have enough time to digest the news that they are moving they should adapt better and quicker. Give them time to process the information before you start packing their life away in a box and talk to them about their future in the new area and home.
  • Allow them to be anxious or moody- Your child will be anxious and they may also act out or become moody which is entirely understandable. You may find older children find it the hardest as they will probably have made good friends and have a greater understanding of their school life and activities. They may feel like they are losing their world and will find it hard to deal with but in time things will get better.
  • Plan to the best of your ability- Moving is hard and there needs to be a huge amount of planning and organisation. Making it as stress free as possible is imperative as if a parent becomes frazzled your children will follow suit. Be an organised goddess, mark boxes and ensure the things your kids value are in their new home straight away.
  • Include the children in decisions- You may not let them decide where you live but your kids can decide on their room, the painting or the family rooms theme.
  • Be positive and don’t bad mouth in front of your nippers- When you move avoid berating the neighbours for their dog barking or that your new homes bathroom is leaking. Drop the negativity and leave it behind you or at least do it when the kids are in bed!
  • Get out and meet people- Once you are somewhat settled make it your business to get out and meet people, say hi to the neighbours and visit the schools, parks and local amenities. Look for clubs and groups, visiting many to get a feel for the place you are now calling home.
  • Look to the future- Your child will want to stay in touch with friends and with technology it is possible to be pals while miles apart. However, try not to let yourself or your kids dwell on the things you left behind. Be hopeful of this new journey and be positive. In time this will feel more like a home and your heart will be firmly in the middle of it.
Written by Emma Hayes, staff writer with Family Friendly HQ


Emma Hayes

Emma Hayes is a busy mum to two girls aged 17 and 11 and is married to her childhood sweetheart.

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