10 Ways To Make Your Garden More Fun

We don’t need acres of grass to find fun in our outdoor space. All we need is a little ingenuity to help our kids explore in a safe and exciting environment.

And being away from screens makes these ten ideas for garden fun even better.

1: Their Own Veg Patch

A vegetable patch does not need to be a big sprawling planter. It could be a window box or a pot by the back door. The important thing about this little project is that it belongs to the kids. Help them get started by showing them how to sow seeds and water their pot. In no time, they could be growing sweet peas, salad leaves, or a bountiful pot of herbs.

2: Get Them Digging

Give the kids their own tools. A trowel, spade, and rake are excellent starter tools for kids to explore in looking after the garden, and who doesn’t love to dig a hole! Giving them their own tools gives them the independence and responsibility to explore their garden.

3: Grow Sunflowers

There is magic in a sunflower! Not only are they easy to grow but they are fascinating for kids with their height and size. Who can grow the tallest sunflower?

4: It’s Den Time

Kids, sun, the outdoors, and a den are a perfect combination to rustle up fun. Building a den takes minimal effort but gives hours of fun. A sheet, pegs, and a decent dollop of imagination and you build a core memory!

5: Climbing Frame

Swings and slides have long been the king of the garden but in recent years, the demand for climbing frames has soared. If investing in garden equipment this year, have a look at the options available.

6: Treasure Hunting

No matter the size of your garden, there is much to explore. Why not go on a nature treasure hunt around the garden with a free printable found on the internet.

7: The Mud Kitchen

The mud kitchen is an undervalued garden playtime activity. It is almost guaranteed to be played with daily when you stock it up with old kitchen utensils. From making potions to imaginary games, the fun is endless.

8: Find the Fairies

Most of us have found a fairy or two that has moved into our gardens over the last few years as the population has ballooned! Make your own fairy garden by exploring your imagination or get the kids to help you with fairy inviting garden decoration.

9: Create a Sensory Garden

Think textures, colours, scents, and tastes. From pebbles of different sizes to colourful plants and edible foods, a sensory garden is a wonderful addition to our outdoors.

10: Get Creative             

Only you know the space and tools you have to create an imaginative world for your kids. Think outside the box and get creative with what you have.

Geraldine Walsh

Mum of two Geraldine Walsh happily works from home as a freelance writer chatting about parenting, wellness and mental health.

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