How To Make Your Dining Table Décor Insta-Worthy This Easter

As with Christmas, Easter Sunday is only one day and it’s the build-up and prep that make it so egg-citing!

Thankfully, the Easter bunny looks after hiding all the eggs… So that leaves you and the kids free to decorate. We’d all love our Easter dining table to look pretty as a picture this Sunday so here are some ways you can make it look Insta-worthy!

Eggs-Traordinary Centrepiece

You can’t have an Easter table without a themed centrepiece! Consider fresh tulips or daffodils (fake ones would also look just as fancy) or fill up a vase with multicoloured eggs. Alternatively, put the eggs in the bottom of the vase and arrange the flowers so they’re peeking out the top. This is an activity suited to older kids and you can rely on Pinterest to help you perfect this look.

"Tree" Is The Magic Number

Trees are for Easter, not just for Christmas! If you have a large table, you may have room for a floral arrangement and an Easter tree. Alternatively, if you’re having a large family dinner with a separate kids and adults table, you can feature one on each.

I’m always a little nervous about getting my Easter tree out of the attic. I excitedly chose it on a trip to the Netherlands when I was only a tween, so some of the decorations are only hanging on by a thread – literally! It’s pink and sparkly and has loads of little rabbits in various outfits to hang from its baskets. I’ll ask my boys to decorate it for me but will be keeping everything crossed that all the bunnies survive. If you’d prefer the natural approach, you could simply arrange some long twigs in a glass jar (Cherry Blossom would be gorgeous) and hang some homemade decorations on them.


Who knew that grass table runners were a thing?! But yes, they are! If you get your hands on one that has particularly long, luscious (fake) grass then you could get older kids to hide some little treats in it for the little ones to find. The only trouble is they won’t have much interest in lunch if they find too many! This could be used again at a football or farm themed birthday or during the summer if you hold a garden party.

There’s No Place Like Home

Rather than fork out for Easter-themed crockery that you’ll only use once a year, make each place setting look bunny-licious by helping the kids to make themed napkin rings. Simply twist a white pipe cleaner into a circle (big enough to insert a napkin) and use the remaining two ends to make loops which will be the bunny’s ears. Stick on a pom pom nose and googly eyes, and you have the cutest napkin holder you’ve ever seen!

Jennie Dennehy

Jennie Dennehy is Mama to two gorgeous boys and is a Writer and Blogger. Her life is full of laughs and Lego and she’s always longing for a hot, frothy coffee.

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