7 Surprising Things You Can Put In Your Washing Machine That's NOT Laundry

You'll save time and money and love how fresh and clean these items are after a quick spin in your washing machine.

We all know that clothes get washed in the washing machine, but you might be surprised to know there are several other household items that you can toss in there to clean too!  

Teddys or Stuffed Animals

If your little ones have teddys or a favourite dog or cat that comes everywhere with them and is 'manky' you can toss them in the washing machine for a bit of cleaning. Just be aware that the 'smell' they might have come to know and love will be gone! If they have eyes or clothes, pop them in a pillowcase and use a cool, delicate wash so as not to do any damage.  


You can give your runners a good freshen up in the washing machine. Lob in a few towels to keep your washing machine balanced — and cut back on all the potential racket! Stuff them with kitchen roll or newspaper when they're drying out to help them keep their shape.  

Shower Curtains

Clean your shower curtain by washing on a cool wash that includes half a cup of bicarbonate of soda. This will help to kill off any mould.  

Chair Cushions

If your kitchen or dining room chair cushions are the tie-on kind, you can safely clean them in the washing machine when those tomato ketchup spills happen or those little greasy hands get wiped in them!  

School Bags / Sports Bags

So long as they're cloth and nylon backpacks they are safe to add to your washing machine. Just double-check for any plastic parts, and wash at a cool temperature to prevent any melting or shrinkage.  

Car Mats

You can freshen up your car mats by giving them a spin in your washing machine. Who knew?  


Many bedroom pillows are safe to add to the wash. If your pillows are down or fibrefill then you can throw them in the washing machine, two at a time, on a gentle cycle. If your pillows are duck down or other filling you can’t put them in the washing machine! Air-dry or tumble dry pillows on a low heat. It's a good idea to pop in a few dryer balls (or tennis balls covered in old socks) to keep the pillows from clumping. Follow the manufacturer's instructions to be sure. 

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