10 Reasons Why Your Pet Is Loving Quarantine Life

Your pet has a whole new social life now that video calls and zoom have become a daily norm in your house.

It's hard to pluck many positives from this time when so much tragedy is happening around us. We do try to find the positives in every day though. It really is the little things that keep us going during this time of quarantine. Even in our darkest days the smallest gesture or moment of humour can transform us. Pets tend to do that for a lot of people. They help us to feel needed and their love for us is pure and unconditional.

You may not have noticed but it is quite possible that your pet is currently living their very best life. Quarantine life is just.... working for them. Here is why your pet might be a little perkier than normal.

They Love The Company

Lets start with the most obvious one. Your pet has never had more company in all of it's life. There seems to be someone in every single room. In fact, we'd go as far as saying they wouldn't mind a break from you all! All jokes aside your pet is loving the life and activity in the house. They are surrounded by their best pals and life has never been sweeter.

Their Daily Walk Is A Given

You've always known how important it is to walk the dog, but these days it has a whole new meaning. It's your one opportunity to get out of the house for some fresh air and it helps break up the day. Your dog can nearly predict the time of said walk and they are loving the fact that everyone is so enthusiastic about it.

Laptops Are Great Places To Sleep

If you are a cat owner that is working from home then this is probably a familiar sight in your house. Cats love to plonk themselves down on your laptop. It may be the reason why your co-workers have received questionable emails from you in recent weeks. Cats love to snuggle up somewhere warm, and your computer fits the bill.


You're Not Stopping To Talk To People

That's right - going for a walk is all about them. Until now they had no idea how much they detested your tendency to stop and talk to every neighbour and passer-by during their walk. They love how anti-social you've become.

Is That Another Treat I See?

They don't quite know what is going on around here but they like it. They have noticed a significant increase in the offering of treats and they are more than OK about it. The whole family have been indulging in some extra treats during this time and that has included pets. Some of you have even whipped up some homemade treats for them. What a life!

The Postman Is Keeping His Distance

I don't know why so many pets dislike their postman, but here we are. Our dog had a specific cry she displayed when our friendly postman came anywhere near our house. Most of us are receiving less post during this time and our pets are enjoying the lack of nap interruptions.

There Seems To Be Less Rules

When routine goes out the window so do some of our house rules it would seem. Pets around the country are acquainting themselves with couches and rooms they were previously banned from.

They Are Loving Zoom Calls

Your pet has a whole new social life now that video calls and zoom have become a daily norm in your house. Sure it would be rude to see them walk by the screen without a proper introduction to your team.

They Have Never Felt More Needed

Animals have an acute ability to know when their owner needs a little bit more love and affection. During these anxious couple of weeks you have needed more fluffy cuddles than ever and it's made your pet very happy.

They Finally Have A Home

Tonnes of families have used this time as an opportunity to adopt a pet. Pounds and foster homes across the country have never seen so many adoptions take place. So many pets have found their forever home and that is a beautiful thing.


Tracey Quinn

Proud mum of two who got married on Don't Tell The Bride and had an accidental home-birth (loves a good story). She's passionate about breastfeeding, positive thinking & all things cosy.

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