The Best Cookbooks To Help With Fussy Eating In The Family

One of the greatest frustrations when it comes to fussy eating is the lack of variety.

Fussy eating can affect families in varying degrees. You might be lucky enough to have just one fussy eater in a large family or all of your children could be difficult to please in the food department.
Finding a positive way to approach the issue will reduce the stress associated with fussy eating in the family and it might be easier than you think.

One of the greatest frustrations when it comes to fussy eating is the lack of variety. Despite enjoying cooking and different kinds of cuisines you find yourself cooking the same dishes again and again because you know they will be eaten.
It makes for an easier life and cleaner plates so it’s a no brainer really. You might just be craving a little bit of change though. The risk of the food being refused is strong but there are some factors that can make a real difference.

We eat with our eyes and quite often how we present food is half the battle for a fussy eater. If it resembles something they know and trust they are far less likely to question it and turn their nose up at the meal. The same can be said for strong flavours.
If the fussy eaters in your home do not like food that contains spice, strong flavours or chunky vegetables then avoiding those things is the first place to start.

There are some really brilliant family cook cooks on the market that can help you shake things up in the kitchen while keeping things pretty simple at the same time. The recipes are easy to follow and exciting without being too exotic.
Here are our top pics for cookbooks that might just help with fussy eating in your family.

1. Ella’s Kitchen Easy Family Cook Book
Remember those little pouches that you loved giving your recently weaned baby/toddler? Well as it turns out they have a number of cookbooks. This one is great for busy families because it’s packed with easy to follow healthy recipes that are low maintenance. These guys know what they’re talking about when it comes to feeding small children.

2. Baby Led Feeding by Aileen Cox Blundell
We are super proud to say that this recipe book is Irish! Aileen has put together a brilliant book aimed at easy finger foods to help you with Baby Led Weaning but the recipes work for the whole family. We love the “super baby frittatas” and they work really well as a dinner for the whole family.

3. Family Food Made Easy by Irish Blogger Jolene Cox
Jolene’s website is a brilliant resource for Irish parents struggling with meal ideas and she’s branched into the cookbook industry due to its success. Her first cookbook features over 100 family-friendly recipes specifically aimed at pleasing little and large palates. Her recipes are really easy to follow and absolutely delicious. We particularly love her seaside crumble.
4. Nevin Maguire’s Complete Family Cook Book
Nevin is famous for his exotic dishes but this one includes a host of simple family favourites. It’s a great book for getting the older kids involved in the kitchen too.

5. The Fussy Eaters Recipe Book By Annabel Karmel
The clue is in the name right? We are big Annabel Karmel fans. Her recipes are easy to follow and generally only include a couple of ingredients.

Tracey is a happy mammy to four-year-old Billy. She is a breastfeeder, gentle parent and has recently lost five stone so healthy family eating is her passion! You can find her at


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