Slimming World Gadgets You Really Do Need

There are so many companies creating must-have gadgets and gizmos that promise to make weight loss easier for you. These products are usually expensive and they can all add up. 

I’m Tracey! I am a Slimming World Consultant in Tallaght but most importantly I am a Slimming World member. I have lost five stone following the plan and words cannot convey just how much it has changed my life in every single way. I was a comfort eater, a secret eater and miserably unhappy for all of my teenage life. Since becoming a parent something clicked for me. I want to be around for my son for as long as I can be. I don’t want him to grow up seeing food as the enemy and as a reason to hide his emotions. Slimming World has changed everything for me and I want to help others do the same. 
One of the benefits of Slimming World is how reasonably priced it is. Your weekly fee gives you access to a professional who can help you lose weight the healthy way. It includes Image Therapy once a week where you will leave full of motivation, new ideas and inspiration. Slimming World recipes are also designed to suit the entire family so there really should be no extra costs in your food shopping bill. In fact, you will probably save money because all of those takeaways and convenience foods will be replaced by delicious Slimming World meal ideas that will satisfy you a lot more. 
There are so many companies creating must-have gadgets and gizmos that promise to make weight loss easier for you. These products are usually expensive and they can all add up. 
I’m here to tell you what Slimming World Gadgets you really do need and why!
A Food Scales
This is an absolute must. You can pick one up for under €10 and they usually come in a variety of styles, shapes and sizes. They are regularly included in the special buys section of your local supermarket too. A food scales gives you the opportunity to weigh and measure things like porridge oats and sauces/dressings that have syn values. There is very little weighing and measuring in Slimming World because the focus is on free food but if you do not weigh and measure your healthy extras or foods that contain syns you will really notice the difference in your results. My advice is to pick up a kitchen scales that is compact and includes liquid measurements also. 
A Measuring Jug
Much like with number one you will need a measuring jug to make sure that you are not going over your healthy extra A allowance if you use it on milk. It will also be a sure fire way of accounting for any syns that you will be using with sauces or soups. If your kitchen scales does not have a liquid measuring function then an inexpensive measuring jug will work perfectly. 
A Good Knife
To make life easier I would recommend picking up a good quality knife. Sometimes the way I chop my speed food makes it seem even more appealing. A good knife makes it quick and easy too. It also helps me make delicious Slimming World chips at the speed of light. 
A Non-Stick Pan
I could not be without my non-stick pan. It allows me to make the most amazing pancakes using my healthy extra B oats. It also keeps my meat and fish intact and ensures it does not stick to the pan, burn and fall apart. Not to mention perfect fried eggs using Fry Light. We really do eat with our eyes and my Non-Stick pan helps me create delicious food that looks and tastes amazing. 
A Spice Rack
This can be as simple or as complex as you want but a good supply of herbs and spices is essential when following Slimming World. I bought one off Amazon that twirls and allows me to easily access 25 different herbs and spices. Alternatively, you could get a cheap IKEA spice shelf and place it somewhere convenient. If your food tastes bland you will soon become bored. Herbs and spices are what make Slimming World meals taste delicious. Keep it exciting! 
Written by Tracey Quinn staff writer at FFHQ who also blogs at

Tracey Quinn

Proud mum of two who got married on Don't Tell The Bride and had an accidental home-birth (loves a good story). She's passionate about breastfeeding, positive thinking & all things cosy.

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