This sweet book is an ode to slowing down and the things we miss when we don't.


This book focuses on time and how it affects the public and private life of a little girl. It explores themes of mindfulness as it explores the fact that modern day busy life can often prevent us from seeing so many beautiful things around us.


This beautiful picture book is about the sense of rushing and racing that so many of us are accustomed to in our daily lives. In a clock tower lives a little girl, Liesel, who notices the sadness of the city below her. Her ability to stop time allows her to intervene and help people make peace with situations, with each other and with their environment. One little girl helps people see things from a new perspective. To reconcile, to notice and to just be.


This book is as much for parents as it is for the child. The message in it is one that we can all resonate with. So many of us spend our days moving from task to task feeling as though we do not have time for curiosity and rest. This book encourages us to stop and gives us permission to take a look around. It makes us wonder what we would do if for a couple of moments time stopped and allowed us to do that.

Ashling Lindsay's stunning illustrations perfectly depict the busy and grey life that people are living in this city. From the clock tower Liesel can see the greyness of the city. However, by the end of the book the colour begins to filter through. Children make friendships, people stop fighting and moments are shared in the present.

"stuck mioows from a tree, the city is too busy to see"

This book is a great reminder of the way children experience the world. It urges us to actively keep that alive for them as a tool for their adult life. This book inspired us to enjoy the everyday more with our children and we are really grateful for that.


"She has a superpower and if I had one I would play funny pranks on people" Billy Aged 5