This handy hack will have your cups and mugs free from stains and looking good as new!

Best part? No bleach needed to remove these stains.

Caffeine is literally a member of our family. Anyone else?

If your coffee or tea mugs are full of stains then this hack is the solution. You'll have sparkly clean coffee cups ready to be filled with parenting fuel!

Here's everything you need to know to make this great little hack to get rid of those tea and coffee stained mugs.

What you will need:

  • White vinegar
  • 1 dish cloth
  • 1 small bowl
  • And of course, a mug/cup with tea/coffee stains

  1. Get an old stained coffee or tea mug.

    We all have those mugs that look like tea was born in them. The ones you would be embarrassed to give a guest but can't bring yourself to throw away.

  2. Pour some white vinegar into a small bowl.

    Pour a small amount of white vinegar into a small bowl or any container you have around. (You could also just pour the vinegar straight on the cloth although be careful too much doesn't come out!)

  3. Soak the cloth in the vinegar and get cleaning!

    Really get in there with the cloth and make sure you get each part of the mug.

  4. The cleaning part.

    Give your mug a good wipe around to remove stains.

  5. A stain-free mug!

    In no time at all your cup or mug should be sparkling clean and worthy of any guest who stops by for a cuppa. (Or indeed, for your good self!)

There you have it! Hopefully you found this tip useful. Don't forget to give your cup or mug a good rinse through after stains have been removed because let's face it, nobody wants vinegar tasting tea.

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