A fun hack which will have kids mastering left from right with their shoes in no time.

Learning how to put your own shoes on is a major milestone. A rite of passage if you will. This cartoon sticker hack is so simple and yet so powerful. Give it a try and just see how independent and proud your little ones will feel.

Here's everything you need to know to make this great little hack for your kids.

What you will need:

- One animal sticker
- A scissors
- A pair of shoes

  1. Get an animal sticker.

    Pick out a fun, colourful sticker together with your child. Make sure to pick one your child isn't too attached to! Animal stickers are ideal so they can clearly see different sides of the animal.

  2. Cut the sticker in half.

    With scissors, cut the sticker down the middle.

  3. Place stickers in shoes.

    Place the left half of the sticker in the left shoe, and the right half in the right shoe.

  4. Adorable shoe labels

    And there you have it! Easy as can be.

We hope this hack helps your kids and soon hopefully they will be popping on their own shoes and running around in them in no time!

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