You Know Your Baby Is A Toddler When

It genuinely feels as though your baby becomes a toddler overnight

It is the eternal cliche, but it genuinely feels as though your baby becomes a toddler overnight. There is no check-point sign that alerts you to the big change. It is as though one day they have become a fully fledged little person with more thoughts and opinions than the average adult.
Here are some of the biggest differences I have noticed since my baby became a toddler
Toddlers Are Heavy
 Way to state the obvious right? This is one of the things that really jumped out at me. Suddenly I found myself having a sore back from carrying my son around. It's a work-out in itself.
They Sleep Better
In my case anyway. Eighteen months of horrendously bad nights have suddenly changed since my son entered toddlerhood. Perhaps it's because he walks now and naps less but this change is so very welcomed.
They Eat You Out Of House And Home Or They Eat Nothing At All
Every second parent will mention the struggles that they have when it comes to their toddler's diet. Many toddlers develop sudden aversions to foods that they used to love. It can be a very stressful experience. My son is a bottomless pit and has been a great eater but I know this could change at the drop of a hat.
They Are Emotional
I had no idea that a tiny person could be so emotional. It is quite simply adorable. They seem to really understand when you are feeling sad and can be known to offer an understanding cuddle at the perfect time. The flip side of this are the angry and sad emotions which toddlers can often struggle to communicate. This is often where the tantrums come in.
They Talk
Another obvious one but the biggest change of all recently has been the development of my son;'s speech. He repeats everything. It's taken us a while to really appreciate this. I was mortified when my child repeatedly shouted “Jaysus” at the weekend.
They Are Totally Irrational
There is van parked beside out house most days. When our neighbour drives his van my son looses the plot. He looks out the window crying “van” at the top of his voice as though someone has stollen his most prized possession. This is just one example of the many irrational toddler moments we experience daily.
They Are Dirtier
We used to get away with bathing our son once a week. He had bad ezcema and bathing him more often irritated his skin. Thankfully it has cleared up because toddlers stay clean for a maximum of about five minutes. If it's mucky, sticky or wet they will find a way of accessing it.
Everything Is A Hazard
I had just about entered that smug stage where I was happy with the level of baby-proofing in my house. Then said baby had the audacity to become a walking, running and climbing toddler which threw a massive spanner in the works. Nothing is ever really safe or under control. Eyes at the back of my head. 
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