Things you can’t have with a toddler around.

I've heard Toddlers described as “little drunk people”...

I've heard Toddlers described as “little drunk people”... and the description is often incredibly accurate as our little toddlers toddle around, messing the place up, as you would after a few glasses of wine! There are a huge amount of things you cannot have with a toddler in your home and here are a few though (that I have personally discovered) - I am sure there are many many more!
  • Tablecloths- Who doesn’t love a tablecloth? They are brilliant to have around with kids to protect your tables and come in so many lovely colours and designs. Though protecting your table from spillages, a table cloth in reach of a toddler can be a hazard. Tots love to pull things and they think it is hilarious pulling a table cloth clean off the table with all the dinner plates, and just so you know we hadn’t even eaten yet.
  • Mobile phones or gadgets- We all need a phone, and we all use gadgets but take it from me and hide them, put them out of reach of little fingers. I lost count of the amount of times my phone got thrown down the radiator by my little monster for a giggle, and when I left my lap top on the floor (stupidly I know) it got run over by a very energetic child and a buggy-smashed laptop, mad Mammy and a toddler that just shrugged and motored on!
  • Curtains- Beautiful draping curtains really finish a room and I love the ones that drape all the way down your back door though my kid apparently loved them more. They would be wrapped around her, and used to wipe her hands at times and when I was panicking that I had lost her after leaving her for a miniscule second, she jumped out from behind the curtains! Kids huh?!
  • Crystal ornaments or glasses- Nice ornaments made of glass or any breakable material must be wrapped up and put away till they are at least 8 years old. Or just put them up really high, like so high you can’t even reach them because tots climb, a lot!
  • Coffee table mats- We use them for our coffee mugs however toddlers like to play with them, stack them, shuffle them, throw them, chew on them and when finished just leave the mats in a pile on the floor sticky after being drooled on.
  • Fireplace accessories and ornaments- In Ireland we need the fire in the winter and when it is not in use we usually have some decorative pieces around the fireplace so it doesn’t look so dull right? Well just leave out what is essential for the actual fire and go get yourself one of those big child friendly guards for around it, as they will play in it when it isn’t lighting and boy does it make a mess!
  • Book cases or display units- Every home has a display unit  of some sort- a piece to decorate a room better with books and other bits in it to show off, unfortunately it just attracts the wrong kind of attention- toddlers. You see tots like books, maybe not to read but they are fun to rip up, and make an almighty mess and tots do love making a pigsty- don't they?
Now if you spent years decorating your home and take great pride you may get over it and roll with the changes that are living with a toddler. They are messy, stubborn, and cheeky litttle things, however they are also funny, cute, cuddly, adorable and our precious little people, so enjoy the days with them- you'll miss them (honestly you will!)
Todder time- it is going to be a hoot!
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Emma Hayes

Emma Hayes is a busy mum to two girls aged 17 and 11 and is married to her childhood sweetheart.

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