The Truth About Bathing Your Children

We turned to the experts to get the hard facts about this everyday topic.

For some reason this topic seems to bring a lot of stress to people's lives. If it's not temperature you're worried about it's making sure that the products you use are gentle on your little one's skin. I think anything that involves water and babies gives people a lot of anxiety and fear too.
We turned to the experts to get the hard facts about this everyday topic. How often should we bathe our children? What should we be using? When should the newborns first bath be?
We've got it covered here!
An ideal temperature for a baby's bath is 37'C. You can pick up a bath thermometer for a couple of Euro and they come in handy in the early days.
Most babies experience their first bath within 12-24 hours after being born. It will not happen straight away and your midwife will most likely encourage you to leave the Vern ix on their skin. This is the thick waxy substance which helps the baby's skin form a protective barrier. A lot of of people choose to wait several days before they bathe their baby for the first time. There are many reasons for this. Babies loose heat very quickly and having a bath does not help this matter. Topping and tailing them with warm water on cotton wool is a good option in this instance.
People also like to keep that new baby smell for as long as possible. For others it is related to their own healing after the birth. They may not feel able to bathe their baby just yet. It is important to clean the baby's genitals as well as inside their creases (such as their neck) every day. It is a good idea to have another person present when you are bathing your newborn for the first few time. This might make you feel more relaxed and less worried when there are an extra pair of hand near you.
Bath time is a nightly ritual for many families. It is the foundation of the bedtime routine and that is perfectly fine. If your child loves the water and their skin does not become irritated then bathing daily is A-OK. It is not a necessity though. A lot of the brands that we see on the television can actually be too harsh on your baby's skin. You may find yourself looking for something unscented and specifically designed to be gentle on such delicate skin.
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