The things you will miss about having young kids.

Sure, you won’t miss the tantrums but you're gonna miss these...

Sure, you won’t miss the tantrums but you're gonna miss these...
All kids will grow up at some stage and while you may love them getting older and gaining some independence away from your apron strings it will tug on your heart strings. Sure they can be little monsters at times and you definitely won’t miss the tantrums but believe it or not tweens and teens are just as capable of having mini meltdowns so don’t expect it all to be plain sailing as it won’t! Here are a few things you will miss about having young kids…
  • How much they adore you- Sure your older kids love you but they are a bit more resistant in showing their feelings and there will be no chance of public displays of affection. Gone are the days when the little ones won’t leave your lap and are quite happy just to cuddle up with you in the evenings.
  • How they are so proud of their parents- Small kids adore their parents, and they are their personal heroes. They believe their parents to be smart, funny and idolise their parents every move, once they are older they will realise google makes you smart and parents pulling funny faces and sticking their tongues out isn’t amusing anymore for your kid-it is embarrassing!
  • The little ones are so happy and full of life- Once they have hopped out of bed they are raring to go and bounce happily around the house with a spring in their step. Every day is new, fun and exciting to a small nipper and they love learning new things and exploring places though the older ones have to be dragged from their bed and are grumpy a lot!
  • They wake you up early and you get loads done- I know parents hate the early mornings and in fairness I did too, but the 6am starts allowed me to get a lot of work done! The house was clean by 8am and then we could play, go out and bake loads of yummy treats. Older kids hate early mornings and parents find they will sleep in without being disturbed but wake to a fright when they realise so much has to be done.
  • The little tots are happy to do what you want to do- Youngsters are so compact and content that when you are heading out they barely give a second glance. Once they get older though they rule the road and where you are or aren’t going, as there are playdates, birthday parties, activities and school all to be brought to and if parents want to go somewhere the kids will moan and groan about it!
  • The small ones can be fibbed to easily- Parents can lie to the little mites easily, the park is closed sorry, the pool is been cleaned and the dog doesn’t want to go for a walk (though he is jumping around barking for his lead)! Ridiculously they believe you but once you add on a few years they aren’t so easily lied to and they are just so god damn smart! Kids huh?!
  • Spelling out words to tell your partner something- When the kids are small it is normal practice to spell out words especially if they are rude words and little ears are around. However older kids because of school and learning on a daily basis can spell-end of! Wait till they are in bed to talk, and pray they don’t hear you from upstairs as they are also extremely nosy.
  • No more running to you open armed ready for a lift up- If your toddler left you for a few minutes to look at toys with Daddy they would run towards you and leap into your arms. Well how things will change, older kids just say “Hi” and that is after being told to, you might only get a nod or grunt it quite simply depends on the day.
Enjoy the days with the smaller kids and prepare for the older kids to make their way!
Good luck! x
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Emma Hayes

Emma Hayes is a busy mum to two girls aged 17 and 11 and is married to her childhood sweetheart.

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