Co-Sleeping With Our Toddler Because We Have To

Being a young family in the Dublin rental market has its price

Being a young family in the Dublin rental market is a bit of a pain in the bum. The astronomical rent prices make it virtually impossible to save enough to buy a house. People tell me that as a nation we are obsessed with the idea of being home-owners. I absolutely never was. Until now. Having a toddler has completely changed my outlook.   We are no longer thinking about ourselves as two grown adults. We are thinking about our child's future life at school. It is fairly complex trying to put a child's name down at a school when you don't actually know where you will be living in one, two or three year's time. So yes, life would be a little bit more straight forward if we owned our own house. 
Then comes the lack of routine and the uncertainty. Every time we have to move we are moving our child out of his familiar environment. I know it's not a big deal for the most part. Children are seriously adaptable and once they are with the people they love it doesn't matter too much, but it is not ideal. Sleeping arrangements are upheived, childcare or play school needs to be changed and their little worlds are altered in a big way, even if just for a couple of days. 
Our most recent move is, hopefully, our last until the day that we can afford to put a deposit on a house. We've moved in to a granny flat and to be honest we've never been happier. It is early days but so far so good. The granny flat has great storage and is such a lovely space. Cheaper rent and an opportunity to save a few bob finally. There happens to be only enough room for one bed so co-sleeping is our only option.  That's right, we are committing to a couple of years of co-sleeping with our now 2.5 year old. The two year old who will get longer, chunkier and generally more acrobatic while he sleeps. And you know what? It is grand. In fact it is more than grand. I have been reassured that when the day does come for him to return to his own bed we are not doomed at all. He will actually understand it a lot more than he would now. When that day arrives we will make a big fuss and decorate his bedroom with whatever it is that he is “in to” at that time. 
You really do have to look at the bright side. I've received disapproving looks and comments when I mention our long-term plan to co-sleep. You gotta do what you gotta do though. At this time of year there are so many devastating stories about families living out on the street. Children who are worried that Santa won't know where to find them because they are moving from hostel to hotel daily. 
Today I am feeling grateful for our new little home. Grateful for the big clear-out that a downsize forced us to do. I'm grateful for the perfect little man who sleeps beside us. He likes to sleep horizontally and kick us in the face but he is happy, safe and exactly where he is supposed to be. 
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