How To Raise An Environmentally Conscious Kid

We are raising a generation of kids who are directly affected by climate change. Their future, and that of their children, will see the direct effect of our neglect of the planet.

Our children are growing up knowing the detrimental and damaging impact of our behaviours as they witness and learn about more extreme and wilder weather, rising sea levels, and melting glaciers. Our responsibility is to teach our kids to be environmentally conscious as they grow and commit to actively caring for our planet; it’s not that hard to do because our kids are already growing up knowing the earth needs protection.

This generation is the most environmentally conscious age, and as our children get older, the more active they will be in saving the planet.

Here are five ideas to get started on helping ourselves and our kids save the world.

Tap Into Nature

For our kids to appreciate the world around them, we need to get them outdoors. Help them understand why we need to look after our planet by showing them its beauty and incredible tenacity. Explore the woods, step amongst the rockpools, and roll down the hills. Get them loving the wilderness, and they will grow up wanting to protect it.


Encourage kids not only to recycle but to recycle the appropriate way. For example, get them to wash out bottles, sort and squash materials for recycling. It’s a good practice to start at a young age which encourages our kids to be environmentally conscious about our waste.

Get Digging

Growing our own fruit and vegetables is not only a satisfying activity but teaches our kids so much about where our produce comes from and how we can nurture our own crops. Set aside a planter in the garden, connect a water butt, or even start a compost bin.

Leave The Car At Home

Where possible, choose to leave the car at home and walk when possible. Teaching children about the pollution caused by vehicles encourages social responsibility for our choices when we decide not to drive.

Turn Off The Lights

A great habit to encourage is turning off unnecessary lights, turning the tap off when brushing our teeth, and turning off devices that are not in use. Being conscious of our energy consumption encourages kids to recognise how we can save energy. Earth Hour is a great family effort that instils a social conscience regarding how we can actively protect the earth.

Geraldine Walsh

Mum of two Geraldine Walsh happily works from home as a freelance writer chatting about parenting, wellness and mental health.

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